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The Town of Samguk Yusa Gunwi !

Beautiful Nature

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  • Palgongsan Provincial Park

    Palgongsan Provincial Park
    Palgongsan Mountain vibrantly stretches southward from Taebaek Range, the backbone range of Korea, and towers over the location where the Nakdonggang River and the Geumhogang River cross each other, surrounding Gunwi. It has been acclaimed as one of the best-looking mountains in the country, and resembles the Buddha Triad, leading ancient peoples to identify it as a sacred and spiritual mountain. With the summit creating mysterious granite formations, Palgongsan Mountain forms a majestic topography, which is further emphasized by exquisite rock walls in every valley and thick forest. In the autumn with its foliage tinge at its prime, the belt road is overflowing with drivers who enjoy the autumnal scenery. Throughout the four seasons, people enjoy climbing the mountain via diverse routes.
  • Amisan Mountain

    Amisan Mountain
    Adding to the beauty of the Amisan Mountain is its topography, created by the continuous yet seemingly discontinuous mountainous range of Palgongsan Mountain, as well as the five mysterious rock formations at the summit, which resemble the formation of troops, and, thus, are said to have safeguarded the villages below the mountain from wars.
  • Haksodae Cliff

    Haksodae Cliff
    Haksodae, a splendid rock cliff that looks like a folding screen, has been so named because cranes used to live there in the ancient times. Haksodae means a cliff of cranes. The beautiful scenery of the thick pine forests on both sides of the cliff and the stony mountain became the subjects of poets who visited there frequently.
  • Happy Hanbam Village

    Happy Hanbam Village
    Hanbam Village is called the inland Jejudo because stone walls surround each and every house cozily, like in Jejudo. Despite the passing of 1,000 years, 4 km-long stone walls and antique houses have remained standing, and the surrounding pavilion and landscape feel snug, urging visitors to stop and enjoy the scenery.