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The Town of Samguk Yusa Gunwi !

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산위에서 군위를 내려다 본 모습의 사진과 참외 모양의 캐릭터

Gunwi, a Historic and Traditional Town

Gunwi-gun, which is located at the heart of Gyeongsangbuk-do, has an area of 614 ㎢, and a population of 30,000. It boasts of historic and cultural heritages, such as the Grotto of the Amitabha Buddha Triad and the Ingaksa Temple, and strikingly beautiful nature, including Palgongsan Mountain and Wicheon River. Supported by the faster and more convenient transport networks, such as the Jungang Expressway and the Guan National Road, everyone is contributing to concerted efforts in making Gunwi a major town of Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Gunwi-gun boasts of being home to Samguk Yusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms), which discloses the origin of the Korean people, and the possession of Hwichanyeosa, which discloses the origin of the name of Korea, thus becoming a holy ground for the roots of the Korean people.

Furthermore, Gunwi-gun presents the world cultural heritage, the Grotto of the Amitabha Buddha Triad, the antecedent style of the Seokguram Grotto of Gyeongju, the Beopjusa Temple, the prime temple of Silla Buddhism, Janggun-ri, where General Kim Yu-sin stayed with his troops, and its memorial, the Janggundang Shrine. It is also home to the realization of the truth by Buddhist priest Wonhyo of Silla, where King Taejo of Goryeo established his military power, and where National Buddhist priest Il-yeon held Gusanmundohoe, the general assembly of nine Buddhist Mountain Schools, twice. It is home to loyalty, filial piety, and beautiful nature. As such, Gunwi-gun is an ideal place to live in.