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The Town of Samguk Yusa Gunwi !

Cultural Attractions

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  • Gunwi Holiness Church

    Gunwi Holiness Church
    The Gunwi Holiness Church was erected after the existing one was removed, making it one of the first stylish church buildings when Christianity settled in Korea. The building features men’s and women’s porches, among other elevation elements, and window details, offering a clue on how the western style church building was erected in the country. The church, which was built in the 1920s, offers an important value in the history of architecture.
  • Chiltansuk Lecture Hall

    Chiltansuk Lecture Hall
    The Chiltansuk Lecture Hall was erected by Seodam Hong Wi to study Neo-Confucianism and to teach the philosophy to students. The “Chiltan” in the name refers to the 7th ford from the village entrance.
  • House of Namcheon

    House of Namcheon
    The House of Namcheon, located at the heart of Daeyul-ri village, faces the Yangjisan Mountain (Pilbong Peak) northwards. The Daeyul-ri traditional village is the clan village of Mr. Burim Hong, of which the House of Namcheon is the largest house. Next to this building, the provincial cultural heritage, “Daeyul-ri Hall”, is connected by extension from the fence.