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The Town of Samguk Yusa Gunwi !

Traditional Villages

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  • Hwabon Station

    Hwabon Station
    The Hwabon Station still preserves its ancient look, including the station building and the water supply tower, making it one of the most beautiful provisional stations. It exudes the warm, unique beauty of a provisional station, thus attracting many tourists.
  • When Mom and Dad Were Young

    When Mom and Dad Were Young
    The school of recollection is a place where Koreans remember the lifestyles in the 1960s and 1970s. Remodeled from the abandoned Sanseong Middle School near the Hwabon Station, the school of recollection presents the theme museum, When Mom and Dad Were Young.
  • Saraon Iyagi Village

    Saraon Iyagi Village
    Saraon Iyagi Village is a theme park of the history and culture of the Joseon people. It has a play area where visitors can see cultural, historical, and tourist attractions, traditional games, and other special events.
  • Medicinal Eco Village

    Medicinal Eco Village
    Seoksan Village, a typical rural village, features a beautiful forest. Traditional medicine clinics, which have existed for three consecutive generations, present experiential programs, such as the identification of wild herbs, cutting of wild herbs, the packing of wild herbs, etc.