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The Town of Samguk Yusa Gunwi !


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  • Ungnyeo Garlic

    Ungnyeo Garlic
    Ungnyeo Garlic is the garlic that turned a bear into a human in the Myths of Samgukyusa and nutritionally superior to ordinary garlic.
  • Gunwi Eroun Hanu

    Gunwi Eroun Hanu
    Gunwi Eroun Hanu is a first grade natural Hanu (Korean beef) brand that manages every process 100% by itself, from processing to distribution and sales of its beef cattle raised with the clean air and water of Palgongsan Mountain.
  • Gunwi Eroun Apple

    Gunwi Eroun Apples
    Gunwi Eroun Apples have high sugar content of over 15-16 brix, a dense texture and excellent fragrance and can be eaten without peeling them because they are eco-friendly and produced in pollution-free, clean environment.
  • Gunwi Crunchy Cucumbers

    Gunwi Crunchy Cucumbers
    Gunwi boasts the biggest output of cucumbers in Korea and is home to top quality cucumbers which have a lot of prickles, a crunchy texture and the cool scent peculiar to cucumbers. The quality of the cucumbers is managed by joint selection.
  • Gunwi Eroun Jujubes

    Gunwi Eroun Jujubes
    Produced in a clean environment, Gunwi Eroun Jujubes are the specialty of Gunwi. They are so sweet and big that a jujube festival is even held in Gunwi every year.
  • Gunwi Amisan Shiitake Mushrooms

    Gunwi Amisan Shiitake Mushrooms
    Gunwi Amisan Shiitake Mushrooms boast a chewy texture and exquisite fragrance as they are produced in a clean and unpolluted environment.
  • Gunwi Allogi Waxy Corn

    Gunwi Allogi Waxy Corn
    This is a brand that processes waxy corn, which contains a lot of anthocyan, with a patented oriental medicinal process method. The corn products of this brand are so popular that they have even been exported to the United States.