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The Town of Samguk Yusa Gunwi !


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Gunwi, a place of loyalty, filial piety and history! Gunwi, a great place to live in harmony with the nature!

A tour that you not only see but participate personally!
In Gunwi, which is full of friendly spirits, there are clean and pure air, the green nature where you can rest your eyes and the citizens' affection. Welcome to the tourist city of Gunwi, where you can create with your family.

Eco-friendly City, Gunwi!

  • 1. Gunwi presents mountains and valleys where you can relax in clean air.
  • 2. Gunwi is located at the heart of Gyeongsangbuk-do, neighboring Daegu, Gumi, Yeongcheon, Uiseong and Chilgok.
  • 3. Gunwi, stretching in all directions, can be reached within 2 hours from the Seoul metropolitan area. Also, the expressway that connects Palgongsan Tunnel to Youngcheon and Sangju will soon open.
  • 4. Offering enjoyment with nature, amusing experience and learning with the nature.
  • 5. Presenting a world-class Korean collection of cultural heritages, including the Grotto of the Amitabha Buddha Triad of Gunwi, and the prime temple of Silla Buddhism, Beopjusa.
  • 6. Gunwi is a better place to live in the nature as it is a home to loyalty, filial piety and history.

Gunwi, full of harmony, is located in Gyeongsangbuk-do, a province worth living in.

There are trees, water, sky, earth, animals, plants, people and the nature in Gunwi that you want to be together with. And this is why Gunwi is an ideal place where family, loved ones and friends can take a trip together. Gunwi was also a home to Samguk Yusa (Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms), which discloses the origin of the Korean people, and Hwichanyeosa, which discloses the origin of Korea, thus becoming a holy ground for the roots of the Korean people. Furthermore, in Gunwi there are the world cultural heritage, the Grotto of the Amitabha Buddha Triad, which shows the antecedent style of the Seokguram Grotto of Gyeongju, and the Beopjusa Temple, the prime temple of Silla Buddhismn, Gunwi also the place where Buddhist priest Wonhyo of Silla realized the truth, the place King Taejo Wanggeon of Goryeo established his military power, and where National Buddhist priest Il-yeon held Gusanmundohoe, the general assembly of nine Buddhist Mountain Schools, twice. Gunwi is home to a harmony of loyalty, filial piety andhistory in the clean nature.